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Hostas, often celebrated as the heroes of shaded gardens, bring a delightful array of lush, leafy beauty to spaces that many flowering plants shy away from. Known for their striking foliage, which ranges in colors from deep greens to blues and even variegated patterns, hostas are versatile perennials that offer texture and form to gardens.

In this section, delve into the serene world of hostas, discovering their many varieties, care requirements, and the subtle flower spikes that many produce. Whether you have a sun-dappled corner or a deeply shaded nook, there’s a hosta ready to flourish there.

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How to grow hostas

How to grow hostas

Learn how to grow hostas for a beautiful garden! Get tips on ideal planting location, soil preparation, watering, fertilizing, pruning & deadheading, and more.

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Fertilizing a hosta

Fertilizing hostas

Fertilizing hostas starts with adding nutrient-rich organic matter like compost or rotted manure into the…

Feeding a hosta with powdered fertilizer

Hosta fertilizer

The best hosta fertilizers tend to be slow-release balanced fertilizers. These products tend to have…

Earth angel

Earth Angel hosta

Earth Angel hosta is a very large-sized hosta variety with big matte blue-green streaked, variegated…

Royal standard hosta plant

Royal Standard hosta

Royal Standard hosta is a large hosta variety with narrow, gently undulating glossy green leaves.…

Fragrant bouquet hosta

Fragrant Bouquet hosta

The Fragrant Bouquet hosta is a popular variegated variety known for its wonderfully scented flowers.…

Big daddy hosta

Big Daddy hosta

Big Daddy hosta is a large-sized variety with matte blue cupped leaves. The thick leaves…

Stained glass hosta plant

Stained Glass hosta

Stained Glass hosta is a brightly variegated medium-sized hosta variety. These plants are known for…

Close up of young leaf of whirlwind hosta

Whirlwind hosta

The Whirlwind hosta is a variegated medium-sized hosta known for its unique twisted leaves. This…

Blue angel hosta plants for sale

Blue Angel hosta

The Blue Angel hosta is a huge hosta variety with dark blue-grey leaves. The leaves…

Praying hands hosta

Praying Hands hosta

Praying Hands hosta is a specialty variety with skinny upright leaves. Each leaf is slightly…

August moon hosta

August Moon hosta

August Moon hosta is a medium- to large-sized hosta variety with thick matte chartreuse-green leaves…

Leaf of first frost hosta

First Frost hosta

The First Frost hosta is an award-winning medium-sized variegated hosta variety with green-blue leaves and…