10 florist sunflowers

Florist sunflowers are special sunflower varieties bred for beauty, uniformity, and lack of pollen. These flowers tend to grow on single-headed plants, with each planted seed producing one flower.

Whether you are a sunflower florist or just enjoy making custom arrangements, there are some beautiful sunflower varieties to choose from. Here are ten gorgeous varieties of florist sunflowers for cutting gardens and flower farmers.

Procut sunflower

1. ProCut Orange sunflower

‘ProCut Orange’ is one of the most popular florist sunflowers around. This sunflower variety has a bright orange sunflower head with a dark brown disk in the center. This type of sunflower is preferred for cut-flower farmers and avid home gardeners. These plants grow to 7 feet tall and have pollenless blooms. They make lovely additions to sunflower bouquets. Send sunflowers to loved ones as the perfect gift.

Procut white lite

2. ProCut White Lite sunflower

You will love the pale coloring of this sunflower. The petals are a pale, creamy yellow, and the center is a lovely golden color. My eyes always go to them in the markets. These sunflowers grow to a height of 60-72 inches. One thing to note about this sunflower variety is those lightly colored petals are more susceptible to insect damage. Harvest your blooms just as they open and store them until you need to use them in a sunflower bouquet or vase.

Procut plum

3. ProCut Plum sunflower

This cut sunflower variety really does resemble fruit with its soft yellow and orange tones. Add them to a cutting garden, and you will have gorgeous sunflowers to add to bouquets in peak seasons. Their tall, strong stems grow to 4-6″ and have pollenless blooms. They grow up to 72″ and are annual flowers. Add these fresh flowers to your custom arrangement and make someone extremely happy!

4. ProCut Red sunflower

This hybrid variety of sunflower produces pollen-free flowers with deep red coloring. They make a beautiful flower arrangement in the fall and grow to about 5 feet tall. The stems aren’t as strong as some of the others and may need support while they mature. I love looking at these gorgeous flowers in cutting gardens or at the local flower shop. They make a very nice flower delivery and a nice sunflower bouquet and are great florists for sunflowers for cutting gardens.

5. Sunbright sunflower

These beautiful flowers feature pollenless, uniform, and high-quality petals, perfect for your sunflower bouquet. The blooms are about 5 inches in diameter and grow to about 72 inches tall. These are an amazing selection if you are trying to accomplish a wonderful bouquet full of sunflowers. They make a beautiful arrangement for all occasions.

6. Sunrich Orange sunflower

If you want bright sunflowers, these are it! Add a few of these to your sunflower bouquet and really make it pop! These beautiful flowers are the same color as the SunRich Orange but bloom 5 to 10 days earlier and are just a little shorter in stature. Their 4-6 inch blooms are perfect for cutting gardens and sunflower bouquets. Place this beautiful arrangement on your table in the summer or fall, making your space bright.

7. Sunrich Gold sunflower

These beautiful flowers are perfect for succession planting. Bright golden petals surround a green disk in the center of the flower. Just like the other cut flowers, these have a 5-inch diameter and grow to about 60 inches tall. These flowers are pollenless and grow in a single stem, making them easy to cut for bouquets.

8. Sunrich Lemon sunflower

These flowers feature bright yellow rays with dark black disks in the center. They are ideal for cut flower production because of their 4-6 inch bloom size. They are ready in 10 to 14 days, pollenless, and grow to 60 inches. You have probably seen them in sunflower bouquets often, they are quite popular. Send sunflowers like this to a friend or family member in a floral arrangement to brighten their day on special occasions. These are great florist sunflowers for cutting gardens.

9. Sunrich Summer Provence sunflower

These are the earliest sunflower in the sunflower series. These sturdy flowers are upward-facing, and their blooms are packed with bright yellow/orange petals. The disk in the center is black or dark brown. These flowers bloom 2 to 3 days earlier than the SunRich Orange Summer and 1 to 2 weeks earlier than the SunRich Orange. They also have a 5-inch bloom diameter and grow to about 60 inches tall. They are absolutely beautiful with other flowers in gift baskets or a beautiful floral arrangement for special occasions.

10. Sunrich Lime sunflower

What special occasion doesn’t need a sunflower bouquet full of bright, lemon-lime sunflowers? These flowers grow to about 60 inches tall with a 5-inch bloom. The lime center of the flower is a nice touch to any beautiful bouquet in the spring or summer. These will make a lovely addition to your cutting garden and flower delivery to someone special. Just place them in a vase or florist’s paper.

Mary Jane Duford
Mary Jane Duford

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