“Love grows” DIY valentines gift for kids

This DIY Valentine’s Day gift for kids is perfect for the plant lover, green smoothie enthusiast, or gardener in your life. It’s a nature-themed project where the recipient receives the supplies and instructions to grow edible microgreens (or wheatgrass for juicing). Make this thoughtful springtime Valentine’s Day kit for your love bugs, and let them watch their gift grow. It’s so much fun!

Pro-Mix Seed Starting Mix for this post was provided by Premier Tech, the makers of Pro-Mix.

A DIY Valentine’s Day gift for kids to make and give

Tired of friendship bracelets? Microgreens are one of the easiest and healthiest ways to grow greens at home. They can be harvested a week after planting rather than waiting for the months it takes to harvest most vegetables. All they need is a little bit of soil, light, and moisture!

Growing & enjoying wheatgrass or microgreens

Microgreens are the young plant shoots of baby veggies. These miniature edibles have a subtle flavor and can be blended into a smoothie, mixed into a garden salad, or used as a fresh garnish. Mini microgreen gardens really are the perfect green Valentine’s Day gifts!

To grow the microgreens, your love grows Valentine’s Day kit recipient will soak the seeds in clean water, place them on moist potting soil, and wait for the seeds to sprout. Then all it takes is some light and moisture to grow the seeds into delicious little greens!

Pro-mix seed starting soil, two small metal containers, and some red ribbon - supplies for making a garden valentine

Supplies: DIY valentine’s day gifts for kids

Most of these things can be found at the dollar store!

  • Stainless steel food storage container (between 1″-2″ deep).
  • Seeds: Ready-to-Sprout Seeds (clean pathogen-free sprouting seeds). Choose large seeds such as speckled peas, sunflowers, or wheatgrass (also called wheat berries). Wheatgrass seeds are widely available online.
  • Organic seed starting potting mix (see some good options here).
  • Small plastic or paper bag
  • Small coin envelope
  • Red string
  • Red ribbon
  • Instructions

Steps to make the “Love Grows” green Valentine’s day kit

  1. Ensure your supplies and work area are clean.
  2. Measure out the seeds by pouring enough into the container so that the seeds cover about half the available area. The seeds should be almost touching each other, but not quite.
  3. Package the measured seeds into a small envelope or bag. Set the seeds aside.
  4. Measure out the potting soil by placing enough dry soil into the container so that it is at least 1″-2″ deep. The soil will compress when wet, so it’s better to include a little more soil if you’re uncertain about the volume.
  5. Place the potting soil in a small bag and tie it with a pretty string.
  6. Print and cut out the printable instruction card. If necessary, add any extra instructions that are specific to the type of seeds you’ve included.
  7. Place the potting soil, seeds, and instruction card into the container.
  8. Decorate Valentine’s day kit with a pretty red ribbon!
Metal food container wrapped in red bow with seeds on a dish and in an envelope
Two hands pouring seeds into a small envelope to make a diy valentine gift
Eco-friendly diy gift for valentines day
Two metal containers holding seeds and soil for a green valentine gift
Garden valentine kit made from a metal food container holding a small bag of potting soil beside an envelope of seeds
Hand placing wrapped envelope into a microgreens valentine kit for a diy gift

Love grows, and other green valentine’s day quotes to include

Here are some extra love quotes for your love grows green valentine’s day kit:

  • Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart. – Russell Page
  • The garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and Mother Nature. – Jeff Cox
  • Love is a springtime plant that perfumes everything with its hope, even the ruins to which it clings. – Gustave Flaubert
  • If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life. — Cher
  • Gardens always mean something else, man absolutely uses one thing to say another. – Robert Harbison
  • One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides. – W.E. Johns
Small metal food container holding small plastic bag tied with red bow
Eco-friendly valentine idea
Two round metal micro green containers and some red valentine ribbon on the spool and tied in a bow
Two round micro green containers wrapped in red valentines ribbon for a diy valentines gift
Green valentine diy gift idea
Green wheatgrass blades growing out of round metal container with red bow around grass blades for a valentines gift
Green wheatgrass in metal food container on white tablecloth with red bow around metal container
Green wheatgrass blades being added to vitamix blender container
Green wheatgrass blades above clear vitamix blender jug
Mary Jane Duford
Mary Jane Duford

Mary Jane Duford is a quintessential Canadian gardener. An engineer by trade, she tends to an ever-expanding collection of plants. In her world, laughter blooms as freely as her flowers, and every plant is raised with a dash of Canadian grit.

Mary Jane is a certified Master Gardener and also holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. She's also a proud mom of three, teaching her little sprouts the crucial difference between a garden friend and foe.

When she's not playing in the dirt, Mary Jane revels in her love for Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls, ice hockey, and the surprisingly soothing sounds of bluegrass covers of classic hip-hop songs. She invites you to join her garden party, a place where you can share in the joy of growing and where every day is a new opportunity to find the perfect spot for yet another plant.

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