12 DIY Christmas ornaments

It’s the most magical time of the year to make your own Christmas ornaments! Here are 12 ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments for your family holiday tree.

Diy minimalist grey christmas ornaments

Felt and Wood Ball DIY Christmas Ornaments

These felt and wool ball ornaments are a modern classic! They’re easy to make in whichever colors best suit your holiday decor. I started making grey ones, moved onto red+green, and have even made some beachy-themed turquoise ones!

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Felt & Wood Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Wool pom poms

Paper house ornament on christmas tree

DIY paper house holiday ornaments

These paper house ornaments are lovely against a backdrop of seasonal greenery. Make them look like your childhood home or your dream cabin!

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Paper House Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Cardstock paper

Diy christmas tree ornament - wooden bead wreath - scandi

Wooden bead Scandinavian Christmas ornaments

These mini wreath tree ornaments are made from plain wooden beads. The beads are held in a circular shape with floral wire and finished with a simple ribbon loop. Easy peasy – but lovely!

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Wood Bead Mini Wreath Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Plain wooden beads

Felted acorn diy tree ornaments

Felted acorn Christmas tree ornaments

Is the holiday season making you a little nutty? Gather up some acorn caps and make these lovely nature-themed tree ornaments. These DIY felted acorn Christmas ornaments are adorable!

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Felted Acorn Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Acorn caps

Popsicle stick sled hanging on christmas tree in sunlight with snow

Popsicle stick sled Christmas ornaments

These are too cute. And TOO easy! I thought these would be harder to make, but nope, classic tacky glue made them really quick to put together. Simply lovely!

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Classic tacky glue

Diy mitten ornaments

Mitten ornaments

Use little embroidered pieces of felt to create beautiful DIY mitten ornaments for the Christmas tree!

Link to DIY Tree Ornaments: Mitten Ornaments

What You’ll Need: High-quality felted wool sheets

Diy photo cube christmas tree ornament

Family photo cube ornament

We had one of these when I was growing up and I still love it. It is just a cube of wood with family photos glued to it….simply lovely! Pulling this ornament out of storage every winter always makes me smile.

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Family Photo Cube Ornament

What You’ll Need: Plain wooden blocks of woodwork perfectly (or repurpose an alphabet block or other kids toy block).

Baby's first christmas - baby sock tree ornament

Knitted baby sock stocking ornament

This knitted stocking ornament was made using a baby sock knitting pattern on Ravelry. My mom made the socks for my daughter, and then we repurposed them into tree ornaments to mark her first Christmas! They’ll certainly get more use in their second life as Christmas decorations :)

Link to DIY Tutorial: Knitting a Baby Christmas Sock Stocking Tree Ornament

What You’ll Need: Laminated Wood Double-Pointed Knitting Needles

Cookie cutter ornament on christmas tree

Who else will admit to not doing much Christmas baking? My cookie cutters get more attention as Christmas tree ornaments than they do in the kitchen (especially since we discovered the “cookie crawl”). Make a background from your favorite wallpaper, fabric, photo, or art project.

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Cookie Cutter Tree Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Metal Cookie Cutters in Classic Holiday Shapes

Quail’s egg woodland tree ornaments

These quail egg ornaments are super easy to make. The faux mini quail eggs came from the craft store. A bit of ribbon and hot glue turned them into the perfect addition to a woodland-themed Christmas tree.

Link to DIY Tutorial: None – just glue some faux eggs onto the ribbon.

What You’ll Need: Adorable faux quail eggs

Letter ornament a - diy alphabet block letter ornament

Alphabet block tree ornament

Classic alphabet blocks make such cute Christmas tree ornaments! These add a little childish whimsy to the tree. Choose red and green alphabet blocks for a traditional look, or use them all for a bright and cheery tree!

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Alphabet Block Tree Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Classic wooden alphabet blocks

Melted crayon ornaments

This melted crayon Christmas ornament project is such a joy! You never quite know how each ornament is going to turn out until it’s finished.

Link to DIY Tutorial: How to Make Melted Crayon Christmas Tree Ornaments

What You’ll Need: Clear fillable Christmas ornaments

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