DIY Cookie Cutter Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

These cookie cutter ornaments are the perfect way to remember a family trip, garden harvest, or another wonderful memory at Christmas-time.

Cookie Cutters - Woodland Creatures
Red Box of Christmas Cookie Cutters

DIY Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments

First, find cookie cutters in holiday shapes to match your tree. This year we did a woodland theme, but you could certainly use classic Christmas shapes such as a star, tree, or bell. I prefer the metal cookie cutters, but plastic or silicone cookie cutters (or play-doh shapes) also work very well.

Photo Memory Tree Ornaments in Cookie Cutters
Cookie cutter ornament on Christmas tree

Gather together your photos from the year. What are you celebrating this year? Baby photos, wedding photos, harvest photos, family photos, childhood photos, vacation photos….there are many reasons to celebrate.

Pick your favourite photo moments (or greeting cards, or sheet music, or wallpaper, et cetera) and use them to fill the inside of the cookie cutter ornaments.

Tracing photo to match metal cookie cutter

Use a pen to trace the shape of the cookie cutter ornament onto the back of the photo. Remember that the photo will be lined up with the side of the cookie cutter thats against the photo. Make sure the finished photo is in the orientation you want and is showing the portion of the photo you’d like to feature.

Tracing photo for cut-out christmas tree ornament

There are two methods for cutting out the photo to line up with the cookie cutter. The easier (and slightly less exact) method is to simply trace the cookie cutter onto the back of the photo and cut out the shape with scissors.

If you’ve got the time, you can take the time to glue the shape onto the photo before cutting it. Once it’s dry, take an exacto knife and cut carefully around the outside of the cookie cutter. You could even finish the edge with a ribbon or some other festive edging.

Making cookie cutter ornaments for the christmas tree
Tracing photos for cookie cutter memory tree ornaments

Now its time to affix the photo into the cookie cutter! First, tie a ribbon through the cookie cutter to use as the hanger for the ornament. Then use glue or just friction-fit the photo into the metal shape. I am still kind of hoping to use these cookie cutters for actual cookies one day – so I just fit them in without any glue. Hide any messes with ribbon if you like.

Cookie cutter pumpkin bear tree ornament

Here is the finished cookie cutter ornament on the Christmas tree!

Photos of Making DIY Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Here are detailed photos of the steps I took:

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Cookie cutter ornament on Christmas tree

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