Tips for choosing Carhartt work pants

Carhartt work pants are a must for working outdoors. Whether you need hard-working canvas work pants to keep cool in the summer or heavy-duty insulated bib overalls for the winter, it’s worth it to find the right pair for the job. Make your workday more effective with the right Carhartt work pants for worksite conditions.

The best Carhartt work pants

Carhartt is known for making rugged workwear for hard-working people. Quality utility pants are key to having a successful day on the worksite. Each type of Carhartts has an ideal worksite situation, but there are definitely some favorites!

It’s really nice to buy from Carhartt.com directly. There is a Carhartt Loyalty Program called Groundbreakers which is worth signing up for if you tend to wear the Carhartt brand a lot.

Here are some of the most popular Carhartt work pants:

1. Men’s Carhartt work pants

These types are some of the most popular work pants for men by Carhartt:

  • Carhartt Canvas Work Pants – everyday utility pants
  • Flannel-Lined Canvas Work Pants – warmer in the shoulder seasons
  • Canvas Bib Overalls – the only pair you’ll need
  • Lined Insulated Bib Overalls – perfect for the coldest days
  • Yukon Insulated Biberalls – winter overalls
  • Yukon Insulated Coveralls – winter coveralls with sleeves

Find these Carhartt Men’s Pants directly from the manufacturer for the best selection of sizes and different styles.

2. Women’s Carhartt work pants

Here are some favorite women’s work pants from Carhartt:

  • Canvas Work Pants – everyday utility pants fitted for women
  • Stretchy Utility Leggings – my current favorites for working in the garden
  • Fleece-Lined Crawford Pants – so cozy for the cooler months
  • Women’s Utility Overalls – perfect for field work like gardening and welding
  • Insulated Bib Overalls – nice to have when it’s freezing out (even for walking the dog)

Find these Carhartt Women’s Pants directly from the manufacturer for the most selection.

Carhartt work pants worn with work boots in the mud on a rainy workday

Men’s Carhartt pants sizing & fit

Carhartt work pants come in a wide range of sizes. When ordering from Carhartt directly, make a point of scrolling down to the reviews below each product. The site shows whether previous buyers thought the work pants ran large or small in size.

Carhartt men’s work pant fit options

Carhartt has a lot of different “fit” types for different body shapes and activities.

  • Straight/Traditional – Slim seat and thigh (leanest fit)
  • Relaxed – Relaxed seat and thigh (average fit)
  • Loose/Original – Full seat and thigh (most room to move)

Carhartt also offers Big & Tall sizing with longer pant leg inseams.

In general, if your measurements fall between sizes, buy the larger size. Check the sizing comments on Carhartt.com before ordering.

Women’s Carhartt pants sizing & fit

Although some women find the men’s fit perfect for their body, others prefer to buy Women’s Carhartt. Fit is different in the women’s line of Carhartt work pants.

Women’s Carhartt has a curvier fit than the men’s line. They also have leggings! The key detail of the women’s fit is the contoured waistband that prevents gapping in the back. A belt can only do so much to fix that!

Women’s Carhartt work pant fit options

  • Slim Fit/Modern – Fitted through the hips and thigh, low rise sits below the waist (leanest fit)
  • Original – Slightly fitted through the hips and thigh; mid-rise sits just below the waist (average fit)
  • Relaxed – Relaxed through hips and thigh; mid-rise sits just below the waist (most room to move)

As with the men’s pants, if your measurements fall between sizes, buy the larger size. Check the sizing comments on the Carhartt website before ordering. I’ve found the review comments to be very helpful when selecting a size. Not all women’s workwear is horribly oversized and ill-fitting!

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Hint: Carhartt also makes overalls for babies & toddlers! Tiny Carhartts make very cute gifts.

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