How & Where to Buy Plants Online

Buying plants online can be so much more convenient than having to cart them home from the garden center. Fortunately there are high-quality plants for sale online from independent plant store operators and well-rated shipping providers. Heres how to order plants online, including where to buy plants and seeds for your indoor or outdoor garden.

Where to Buy Plants Online

Once you start to buy plants online, it seems so much less weird to get them in the mail! Here’s where I buy plants online:

Buy Vegetable and Flower Plant Seeds Online

There are seeds for sale everywhere from the local farmers market to the grocery store to the garden centre. Many gardeners try to buy the most local seeds possible because they are most closely adapted to the local growing area. Others like to search out rare seeds and new varieties each year.

The best place for finding locally-sourced seeds is your local Seedy Saturday seed swap market, held in February-March each year. Bring some of your own seeds to swap, plus a list of everything you want to grow that year (use your free garden planner!).

Where finding local seeds is impossible or impractical, I turn to the internet! These lovely companies sell GMO-free seeds online:

Botanical Interests: Botanical Interests offers non-gmo untreated seeds as well as select organic seeds and heirloom varieties. They’re also known for their artistic packaging. They are located in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. Order directly from 
Botanical Interests or find them on Amazon.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. offers non-gmo seeds, specializing in open-pollinated heirloom seeds. They’re known for offering a truly amazing variety of rare seeds that are not available for sale anywhere else. The founders of Baker Creek have also authored a book about how to grow heirloom vegetables, called The Heirloom Life Gardener. Their seed company is located in Mansfield, Missouri, USA. Order directly from Baker Creek or visit one of their shops around the USA.

West Coast Seeds: West Coast Seeds offers non-gmo seeds as well as select certified organic seeds and heirloom varieties. They’re also known for their helpful blog posts and social media contests. They are located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. Order West Coast Seeds from their website or order from their Amazon Storefront.

A list of more Canadian seed vendors can be found on the Seeds of Diversity site.

Read real reviews of popular seed companies in this article.

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