10 best garden planning apps

If you have big plans for your garden this year, you may want to consider using a helpful gardening planner to relieve some stress. There are many gardening apps out there, but which ones are the best to use? Here are some of the best garden planning apps to check out.

All garden planning apps come with different features and price points. Whether you want a free app or an annual subscription to help with your harvest, there’s something out there for you.

1. Planter Garden Planner by Percula

The Planter Garden Planner app by Percula is an iPhone/iPad app for planning out your annual vegetable garden. This simple-to-use app has a free version, and you can upgrade to a subscription if you need more features down the line. It works well for both in-ground gardens and raised beds (including square-foot gardening).

2. Garden Planner at Territorial Seed

Territorial Seed’s Garden Planner app is perfect for planning your seasonal vegetable garden. The paid web-based application helps you draw up vegetable garden plans with an annual subscription (there is a free trial).

You get to interact with other gardeners on the app and find helpful tips and tricks along the way. Track what you have planted and how you have fertilized, watered, and harvested so you don’t forget. This app tracks your personal climate as well.

3. Gardena’s myGarden Planner

The Gardena MyGarden Planner is a planning app for an ornamental garden in the landscape. This free app helps you plan your landscape using different surfaces that you drag and drop around the plan.

This web-based planner was created in the UK and features a top view of the garden for your convenience. Drag grass, paving stones, and other elements to create a garden before you begin planting. One nice thing about this app is that it gives you approximate sizes for mature plants, so you know what will fit and what won’t.

4. Smart Gardener

Smart Gardener is a vegetable garden planning app. It requires a subscription fee but allows access to many gardening planning tips. The app takes you from the concept to harvest with sizing and placement of crops.

It also has a “to-do” list to remind you when to water, weed, sow, and harvest your plants if needed. Many users appreciate the journal and photos section of this app.

5. Small Blue Printer’s Garden Planner

The smallblueprinter.com Garden Planner was created by developer David Doull of Artifact Interactive. This adorable app allows you to design your own garden landscape using draggable elements.

Move trees, buildings, fences, bushes, decks, and more to design your dream garden. Maximize the space in your garden using the sizing features. There is a free trial to get you started, and their purchasable features are reasonably priced. There’s never been an easier way to create your dream garden.

6. Kitchen Garden Planner at Gardener’s Supply

The Kitchen Garden Planner from Gardener’s Supply is another great edible garden-organizing resource. You can start with pre-designed plans or design your own. It’s easy to save and print your design or email it to a friend. The app comes with great planting tips as well as suggestions for how many seeds to plant. Users enjoy the free and simple use of this app.

7. Armitage’s Great Garden Plants

Armitage’s Great Garden Plants App is a good app for finding and choosing ornamental plants for your garden. Allan Armitage, Ph.D., created this app after being a professor at the University of Georgia. Use the app to lay out your ornamental landscape and even set up houseplants for success. The app also has tips for deer, pests, and native plant varieties. It has a great disease and pest database that users can explore.

8. Leafsnap

Leafsnap is a fantastic tool to help gardeners identify plants that are already in your garden and what they need. Using the photo feature, take a picture of your plants, and the app will give you information about the plant. The app was developed by the University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute, and Columbia University using a botanist database full of knowledge. Get all the information you need about the plants in your garden space to keep them all healthy and thriving.

9. Garden Manager

Garden Manager is a vegetable garden planning application. This is a fairly new app that helps you manage your harvesting dates and crops. When you get started, a virtual gardening coach walks you through how to use the app, so it’s very user-friendly. There are three levels of subscriptions to choose from, each with decent pricing points. The app is tied to your local weather station to update you on conditions as needed. Many users report enjoying the simplicity of this app.

10. Veggie Garden Planner by Bento

The Veggie Garden Planner by Bento is an iPad app for planning out your vegetable garden. It’s free to download but requires a subscription for many features. This is a good option for a new gardener with a single garden bed (such as a community garden plot).

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