Bendable moss pole

Looking for a bendable moss pole? The original (and best) option is the Mossify Bendable Moss Pole.

Mossify’s Bendable Moss Pole is a flexible support stake for climbing plants. The pole acts as a trellis, allowing vines to secure themselves and climb upwards. Mossify’s Bendable Moss Pole has a flexible steel core covered with sphagnum moss secured by twine. The natural look of the twine and moss plus the organically-shaped pole make this moss pole a great choice for plant lovers.

Read on to learn all about the bendable moss pole!

Bendable moss pole in potted plant

Bendable moss pole: The basics

The Mossify Bendable Moss Pole is a plant support stake with a flexible steel interior. While most moss poles are rigid and straight, the Mossify pole is quite flexible. The bendable pole can be molded into a natural shape rather than simply standing straight up. The flexible steel core is wrapped with an inner burlap layer and then covered in sustainably-farmed live sphagnum moss affixed with twine. This pole also has a granite stone base for stability. The Mossify pole is one of the best moss poles available.

Mossify Moss Poles are available in 16″, 30″, and 42″ heights. The smaller sizes are perfect for baby plants from the nursery and plants with thinner vines. Bendable moss poles are easiest to install while repotting your plant. A 16″ or 30″ tall pole is easy to add into the pot while repotting Pothos, while a larger 42″ pole is best for repotting established Monstera plants.

Unboxing the Mossify bendable moss pole

Here are some unboxing photos of the Bendable Moss Pole by Mossify:

Mossify moss pole box
Shipping box for the 42′ bendable moss pole by mossify as ordered off etsy.
Moss pole bent in half inside shipping box - flexible moss pole
The moss pole is certainly bendable! It arrived bent in half inside the shipping box.
Close up of twine holding moss onto pole
Close-up of twine holding moss onto the pole.
Stone base on mossify moss pole
The bendable moss pole has a natural stone base weight on the bottom.
Plant pins for attaching plants to moss pole
The mossify pole includes small pins for attaching plant vines to the pole before they start to attach to it on their own.

How to install the bendable moss pole?

The bendable moss pole is easiest to install during the process of repotting a houseplant. While some reviews for the Mossify Bendable Pole mention taking off the base and poking the bottom wires down into the root ball, the recommended method of installation is to place the entire moss pole into an empty plant pot with the stone base resting on the bottom of the planter. While you can replant most vining plants with this pole, it works particularly well to create Moss Pole Monstera plants.

Supplies for moss pole installation

A second pair of hands during installation is also a HUGE help!

Steps for installing the bendable moss pole

Here are the steps I used to install my bendable moss pole (photos shown below steps):

  1. Remove the plant from the planter pot. You may have to slide a spatula down the sides of the planter to loosen the roots.
  2. If the pot has a large drainage hole, consider using a piece of landscape fabric or sprout screen to prevent rocks, soil, or roots from escaping out of the bottom of the pot.
  3. Place the stone base into the planter so it rests on the bottom of the pot.
  4. Fill the base of the pot with rocks, including on top of the stone base. While this pole is bendable, its base should be as secure as possible (not wobbly).
  5. Add some potting mix and compress gently around the base of the moss pole.
  6. Examine the root ball of the plant. Most houseplants that have been in the pot for a while will have a sturdy root ball that may have to be broken up to fit around the base of the moss pole. I like to look around the stem base of the plant to find where the pole may fit best, and then pull apart the rootball in a vertical line down from the stem base to the bottom of the root ball (like opening a very big book).
  7. Wrap the root ball base around the moss pole as it stands inside the pot. This is much easier with a second person to hold the moss pole in place or something securing the pole as the roots are wrapped around it.
  8. Backfill the planter with potting mix. Be sure to leave a half inch to an inch of space to facilitate watering the plant.
  9. Pin the plant gently onto the moss pole. Small vines can be secured with the pins that are included, but larger vines may require velcro-like plant tape.
  10. Soak the moss pole and water the plant thoroughly. Let the excess water drain before placing the planter pot onto its saucer.
Supplies for installing bendable moss pole into houseplant
Some supplies for installing the mossify bendable moss pole.
Instructions for installing bendable moss pole - mossify
Mossify’s instruction tag for installing the bendable moss pole. I kept mine dry during installation and soaked it afterward.
Screen for bottom of plant pot over drainage hole
I like to place a metal sprout screen over larger drainage holes to prevent rocks/soil/roots from escaping out of the bottom.
Placing rocks around and on top of bendable pole base
Place the stone base at the bottom of the planter and fill around/over the base with rocks. I didn’t have any large rocks so I used pea gravel from my patio garden.
Rocks on top of pole base
I added enough rocks to cover the base before adding in a bit of potting soil.
Pulling apart plant root ball to make room for moss pole base
To fit my plant’s root ball around the pole, i pulled apart the roots in a line down the root ball, rather like opening a book. This created a kind of vertical slot down the root ball for the pole.
Wrapping plant around base of bendable moss pole
Once the root ball had been pulled apart, it was easy to wrap it around the pole inside the planter. This process is easiest with a second person who can hold the moss pole upright in the center of the pot while the roots are inserted and wrapped around the pole.
Wrapping monstera plant vines around bendy moss pole
After backfilling the empty spaces in the pot with potting mix, the vines were wrapped around the moss pole. The pole can be bent to accommodate rambling vines.
Pinning plant onto mossify moss pole with included pins
The Mossify Bendable Moss Pole includes pins for gently attaching the plant to the pole. The pins are small and best suited to plants with small vines like Pothos. To make them work with this larger Monstera, I attached aerial roots and stubs where dead leaves had been removed instead of trying to fit the small pins around the thick vines. In the future, I think I’ll use proper plant tape for this plant.
Getting moss pole wet and misting plant after support trellis pole installation
After installing the moss pole, i gave the entire plant a soak in the shower. This moistened the moss pole as well as misting and washing the leaves and helped the potting mix to settle a little bit in the planter.

Bendable moss pole care after installation

After installation, continue to secure plant vines to the pole so they can climb upwards. If the included plant pins are too small for the vines, use plant tape to attach them. Also, keep the moss pole slightly moist to encourage aerial roots to secure themselves to it. Keeping the bendable moss pole moist is easiest with an automatic plant mister, but can also be done with a regular spray bottle or in the sink/shower with tap water.

Bendable moss pole by mossify
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