Autumn Beauty Sunflower: A Gold & Bronze Fall Favorite Sunflower

Big, bright, and bold sunflowers are a wonderful way to add some color and vibrancy to your garden or yard. Autumn Beauty Sunflowers are definitely some of the most beautiful sunflowers out there.

Autumn Beauty Sunflowers are a variety of sunflowers that are low maintenance and easy to grow. They are sturdy and can be grown everywhere. They bloom in the late summer and early fall. Their color is a beautiful mixture of reds, yellows, and warm oranges that is reminiscent of autumn leaves.

There’s no doubt that Autumn Beauty sunflowers are beautiful and a great option for you to grow at home. However, there are some things you should know about the care and keeping of these plants.

Autumn beauty sunflowers
Autumn beauty sunflower: a gold & bronze fall favorite sunflower

Autumn Beauty Sunflowers: The Basics

Autumn Beauties are sunflowers that don’t require much effort to grow. They can be grown in any zone and are sturdy plants. They are part of the late-season group of garden plants. They typically bloom from late summer all the way into fall, hence the name “Autumn Beauty.”

Their color is a beautiful mixture of reds, yellows, and warm oranges. They don’t look like the stereotypical yellow sunflowers you normally think of, but they are just as bright and beautiful. They can include bright yellow, bronze, and even purple shades with some bicolors. This type of flower will also attract butterflies and hummingbirds due to their nectar-rich blooms.

Autumn Beauty sunflowers are a wonderful member of any garden and can make a beautiful addition to bouquets as well.

This particular type of sunflower will grow anywhere from 5 to 10 feet (60 to 120 inches) tall. This variety is extremely tall and vigorous. They will produce very large and bold flowers that can be up to 8 inches across. The stem length is anywhere from 15 to 44 inches long.

Autumn Beauty Sunflowers are a branching type of sunflower. This means that they produce many different flowers instead of just one and it produces many long stems. In addition to all this, these types of flowers are actually edible. The flower buds can be fried. The petals can actually be used as a garnish in salads and desserts too. The flavor of the flower is somewhat bittersweet though, so add it to food accordingly!

They are an open-pollinated type of sunflower. This means that they are a non-hybrid variety and they can reproduce themselves in kind. As they do this, they demonstrate relatively stable traits through each generation.

Sunflower seeds - autumn beauty
Autumn beauty sunflower: a gold & bronze fall favorite sunflower

Reasons To Grow Autumn Beauty Sunflowers

Some of the main reasons to grow Autumn Beauty sunflowers is because they make for excellent cut flowers and can be a wonderful addition to bouquets. They also make great additions to any sort of garden. This type of plant is also a great choice for tall border rows, farmscaping, and even not-too-tall sunflower mazes.

Autumn beauty sunflower seeds
Autumn beauty sunflower: a gold & bronze fall favorite sunflower

How to Plant and Grow This Type of Sunflower


The first thing you need to know about planting and growing Autumn Beauties is that it takes about 7 to 14 days for the seeds to germinate and the temperature needs to be about 70 to 75°F (or 21 to 24°C). It is recommended to grow these plants directly from the seed. The seeds should be planted after the last frost. They should be sowed about a half-inch deep.


If you choose to plant them indoors at first, transplanting them is an option. You should be careful planting this way because it’s not good to disturb the roots of plants in general. If you choose to plant them indoors, you should sow the seeds into 72 to 50 cell flats. This should be done about 2 to 3 weeks before you plant them outside. By planting them inside first and then transplanting them outdoors, you can get some of the first early sunflowers.

You should not pinch, tip, or prune the plants. If this is done to sunflowers, they will produce low-quality blooms or possibly no blooms at all. You should sow every 1 to 2 weeks. You can even plant multiple varieties for a continuous blooming and harvest of sunflowers.

Planting autumn beauty sunflower seeds
Autumn beauty sunflower: a gold & bronze fall favorite sunflower

Sunlight Preference:

These types of flowers need a lot of sunlight. They should have full exposure to sunlight in order to thrive. If that’s not available, they should at least have half sun for as much of the day as possible.

Plant Spacing:

These sunflowers should be spaced out at least 4 to 6 inches from each other so they have enough room to grow the way they are supposed to and if you’re wanting them to thrive.

Growing Zones:

This type of plant, Autumn Beauty Sunflowers, can be grown in any growing zone and do well in basically any climate.

Harvesting Sunflowers:

These flowers can be harvested as soon as the color first shows. They can also be harvested when they are almost completely open. It really just depends on what you are wanting to use the sunflowers for. That will help to determine when you need to harvest them.

You can also dry the flowers by hanging them when they are completely open. You can also use silica gel for this.

Soil Requirements:

Autumn Beauty sunflowers should be planted in light and well-drained soil. You don’t want to have excessive nitrogen as this can cause problems as the plant grows. It can cause the plants to grow too vigorously and even create abnormal flower shapes.

Additional Information:

The flower size and stem diameter can be controlled by a number of different factors. These include temperature, day length, soil type, and plant spacing. If you would like early or late season production, you should choose from varieties that are suitable for flowering even under short days or that are day-length neutral.

Autumn beauty sunflowers
Autumn beauty sunflowers

How Fast Autumn Beauty Sunflowers Grow

The number of days to maturity is referring to the average number of days from the planting or sowing date to the harvest date. For Autumn Beauty sunflowers, this tends to be around 75 to 85 days. It will usually be a little under or around 3 months for this type of plant to reach full maturity.

Does This Type of Sunflower Bloom More Than Once?

Sunflowers are annuals and will die after their main flower goes to seed. Once this happens, they do not grow and bloom again. This type of sunflower will grow, flower, and bloom only once a year and will not grow back the next season. While some sunflower plants will have many flowers in a season, they will only bloom one time during the growing season.

Do They Come Back Every Year?

Autumn Beauty sunflowers do not come back every year. This type of plant is annual, which means it only has a single growing season. If you want to enjoy Autumn Beauty blooms every summer, then you’ll need to plant them every single year.

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