Madison Moulton

Madison Moulton

Madison is a writer, editor, and life-long plant lover. After discovering an obsession with houseplants at an early age, she transformed her passion for plants into a career, writing for various online and print publications and working as the editor of several national gardening magazines. Through her writing, Madison hopes to encourage people to garden with the plants and the planet in mind.

When to prune citrus trees

When to prune citrus trees

If you’re growing one or more citrus trees in your backyard, pruning is a task that should be top of mind at least once per year. Pruning with the right technique and at the right time can maximize your harvest…

How to grow a lemon tree

Lemons growing on branches in a courtyard garden

If you’re thinking about growing citrus trees, lemons are likely one of the first to come to mind. Appreciated for their versatility, these trees are great for beginners or experienced gardeners. The best time to plant lemon trees is in…

How often to water ZZ Plant

How often to water zz plant

On lists of the most low-maintenance houseplants available, the humble ZZ Plant always appears near the top. These easy-care beauties are not fussy, even when it comes to something as essential as watering. Accustomed to drought in their native habitats,…

How to fertilize Money Tree

Healthy money tree - pachira aquatica

Money Trees, scientifically known as Pachira aquatica, are favored for their long leaves, braided stems, and believed ability to bring their owners’ prosperity. Key to this function in Feng Shui is keeping the plant healthy and happy with the correct…

How to care for pomegranate trees

Pomegranate tree with fresh fruits

There is nothing like cracking open a fresh pomegranate, made even sweeter when it comes from your own garden. So often overlooked, these delicious fruits have deep historical roots and deserve a place in your garden. Pomegranate trees (or shrubs)…