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Author: Madison Moulton

  • The best time to water vegetable garden plants

    The best time to water vegetable garden plants

    Watering your vegetable garden is more than just a task on your gardening to-do list. It’s a foundational part of a successful harvest – or at least it should be when done correctly. The best time to water vegetable garden plants is in the early morning. This allows the moisture to penetrate deeply into the…

  • When to fertilize tomato plants

    When to fertilize tomato plants

    Fertilizer your tomatoes correctly is the key to a strong harvest. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, it can also mean an early end to your season. If you’re wondering when to fertilize tomato plants, you’re already on the right track! The right fertilizing strategy depends on the quality of your soil, the performance of your plants,…

  • Does lettuce need full sun?

    Does lettuce need full sun?

    Wondering does lettuce need full sun? if you want to keep the plant happy from planting to harvest, monitoring light levels is essential. Lettuce typically grows best in full sun to partial shade, depending on the growing season and your local climate. Aim for about 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day, giving them more…

  • How to fertilize a cherry tree

    How to fertilize a cherry tree

    Cherry trees are a long-term garden investment, requiring patience and consistent care. One part of this care routine may involve fertilizing, depending on the soil you have planted in. Cherry trees planted in high-quality soil with plenty of nutrients typically don’t need additional fertilizers. However, if your tree needs a boost or a soil test…

  • Iceberg lettuce

    Iceberg lettuce

    One of the most widely used lettuce varieties around the world (and certainly in my kitchen), iceberg lettuce is a must-have in your vegetable garden. This variety, renowned for its crunchy texture and refreshing taste, is as easy to grow as it is to eat. Iceberg lettuce is a popular crisphead variety of lettuce. It…

  • Drip irrigation pros and cons

    Drip irrigation pros and cons

    Watering seems like one of the most simple gardening tasks. It certainly can be, but there are also many ways it can go wrong. One way to resolve your watering woes is by installing a drip irrigation system, especially in productive gardens where watering can make or break a harvest. But like any system, there…

  • Wildlife garden

    Wildlife garden

    When dealing with the hustle and bustle of life on a daily basis, who wouldn’t want to transform their outdoor space into a little slice of wilderness? Enter wildlife gardens.  Wildlife gardens are designed to attract wildlife and provide shelter for local animals, from small insects to larger garden friends. By choosing plants carefully, developing…

  • Coffee grounds for plants

    Coffee grounds for plants

    Gardeners use coffee grounds for plants in many ways around their backyards, from soil amendments to fertilizers and even mulch. While they contain some nitrogen and retain moisture well, coffee grounds can also become hydrophobic, attract pests, and inhibit plant growth if used excessively. The most effective ways to use coffee grounds on plants are…

  • Aphids on plants

    Aphids on plants

    One of the most common pests gardeners struggle with, especially in their vegetable patch, is aphids. Even the mention of their name will induce a sigh and eye roll from avid gardeners, myself included. Aphids are sap-sucking pests that feed on the juices of plant leaves and stems. Aphids on plants spread rapidly and leave…

  • How to grow parsley

    How to grow parsley

    When you’re starting a herb garden, parsley is one herb that has to be on the list. I used to view it as the sprig of green garnish on a dish that you could largely ignore, but its unique flavor and versatility make it essential in both the garden and the kitchen. Fortunately, it’s easy…

  • How to grow lavender

    How to grow lavender

    Growing lavender successfully starts with warm summer temperatures and relatively dry soil. This Mediterranean native needs very little attention to thrive, tolerating a lack of moisture and poor-quality soils. Once established, occasional trimming and supplemental watering will keep the plant lush and aromatic. Introduction to lavender plants Lavender, with its stunning blooms and soothing fragrance,…

  • How to grow philodendron

    How to grow philodendron

    The Philodendron genus is full of unique and interesting plants that are surprisingly easy to grow. They are often grown indoors and make great first houseplants for beginner indoor gardeners. Let’s learn how to grow philodendron! Generally, philodendron plants prefer ample water, high temperatures, high air humidity, and a spot with bright indirect light throughout…