Madison Moulton

Madison Moulton

Madison is a writer, editor, and life-long plant lover. After discovering an obsession with houseplants at an early age, she transformed her passion for plants into a career, writing for various online and print publications and working as the editor of several national gardening magazines. Through her writing, Madison hopes to encourage people to garden with the plants and the planet in mind.

How to repot African Violets

African violet in terra cotta pot

The African Violet is one of the most famous and beloved houseplants across generations. It is appreciated not only for its fuzzy foliage, but for the gorgeous flowers it produces almost all year round in the right conditions. To get…

How to propagate African violets

how to propagate african violets

African Violets are the darlings of the houseplant world, beloved through the decades for their bright blooms and fluffy foliage. It’s hard not to want a massive collection of them, but luckily that is possible (without breaking the bank) when…

Why Is My Monstera Droopy?

droopy monstera plant

Monsteras are one of the most commonly purchased indoor plants around the world, turning homes into indoor jungles in an instant. Unfortunately, they are not without problems. But knowledge of their needs will help you identify and resolve the issue…